Fantasy Novels Set in Caesarea

Finally Love has come

Tandem Venit Amor

Book 1:


of Taurus

Livia Fabius wants to leave Caesarea for good, but there is one person standing in her way—Corvin Tullius. He negotiates an offer of friendship between them, but Livia doesn’t know how long she can hide her true feelings for him.

"Livia had told herself over a million times and in a million ways that she needed to be over Corvin Tullius. Yesterday."

Book 2:


of Caesarea

Now that Livia is finally dating Corvin, she doubts her decision to stay in Caesarea. Can she find the courage to choose a life full of love despite her fears before powerful interests separate the couple forever?

Oh, curse him! Curse those quicksilver hazel eyes. Curse her own weakness. She lowered her lips to his.”

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