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Writing Journal Oct 26-Oct 31

Monday October 26. 

Woke up excited to write. Anxious because they are turning our water off from 9-3. We’ll see how much the little distractions that come along with that does for our progress today. We’re over 50,000 words into this edit. Now that we’re on the last third of the novel we’ve got serious revisions up for us. So we can land the ending. Starting with chapter 23. 23 you shall not defeat me. 

Tuesday October 27

Got the first half of Chapter 23 revised yesterday.  Pleased with results. I’m having trouble writing the transition to the next scene. Hard to manage the emotional fallout of the characters. Blah. No writing or editing planned today. I am going to vote. Take the boyo to the CF clinic for a check-up. Then join the AML zoom if I’m not wiped out from the drive down to Philly. 

Wednesday October 28 

Ha ha, fun times. We lost power yesterday. Whoo! 2020 Losing power and water in the same week and there’s not even a natural disaster going on! Also, I didn’t have enough time to vote before I had to leave to get boyo to his appointment on time. So, whatever. I’ll figure it out. AML meeting made me want to resurrect my how to write book reviews blog series that I’m too chicken to show anyone.  Also, I figured out on the drive to and from CHOP that the scene I cut from chapter 23 last week should go back into chapter 23 but for completely different reasons then it was there originally. We’ll see if I can make it do what I want it to do if I put it back in again. 

Yesterday was a long and exhausting day and I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have leftover for writing today. Not setting any goals or expectations. We’ll see what comes today and if not we’ll get back into the swing of things by Thursday. Friday might need to be devoted to Halloween things, though. This is going to be a bad week for writing…lamesauce.

Evening update:

Hey! It was a great day! Nothing crazy happened.  We had water and power all day. We didn’t have to go anywhere.  I was a little tired but not wiped out from yesterday. The kids were happy to do their work and didn’t fight me on their assignments. I think they were happy that I was home and it was a normal day after the chaos of yesterday.  So, it was easy to write while they were doing their assignments. I finished revising chapter 23. I’ll probably get to chapter 24 tomorrow. That’s might be the work for the week. But I’m happy with that. Two tricky chapters down. Go me! 

Thursday October 27

 It was a great writing day. I got through chapters 24-26. Going to work on 27 tomorrow if I can. Also, we are out of antibiotic purgatory! Hurray! One less medication to remember! 

Friday October 30 

Blah. I am worn out today. I inched through a page or two of chapter 27 and I’m going to throw in the towel. I need to clean the house anyway. It’ll probably be healthy to get away from the computer.

Saturday October 31

Surprise, surprise! Not a great writing day, but family came over to visit and it was fun to see them. I enjoyed getting caught up in a good novel in the late afternoon. Then it was time to focus on the kidders for our Halloween celebrations.  

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