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Writing Journal November 16-21

Monday November 16

Definitely in a better headspace today. No crying! Getting back to our weekly schedule helped. I also saw friends in social distanced outdoor meetups. We are lucky the weather has stayed so good for so long. I have to admit seeing 60 degrees projected for this weekend helped my mood immensely. Today I didn’t edit in order. I did line edits on the last scene of the last chapter. Then my stretch goal for the day was to ask another writer I’m acquainted with but had never read my work to read the book. They offered to read the first two chapters, which I think is a good start. So, we’ll see what type of feedback I get. 

I finished reading the novel I started on Sunday. Roses of Feldstone. It was fun and a nice escape read. 

Tuesday November 17

Feel even better headspace wise than I did yesterday. So, yea! Yesterday, I was reviewing my final manuscript version and realized I somehow left out a scene in the third chapter. I hadn’t even done a line edit. So, I edited it and inserted the scene where it belonged. Wouldn’t have figured that out if my writer friend hadn’t asked for two chapters only. Yikes. So, I’m going to line edit the 2nd out of 4th scene in the Chapter 29 and then skim the next five chapters to make sure there are no more copy and paste errors similar to the one that I caught yesterday. 

Wednesday November 18

Good day. Didn’t really touch 29 but I’ve been checking my final MS file for copy and paste errors and found one in chapter 7. So, I fixed that. Also, the numbering for my chapters was off and I’m fixing that too. Currently, made it to chapter 17.

Thursday November 19

Argh! I’ve been tinkering with chapter 29 and wish I hadn’t. Now the pacing feels all wrong and  I have to reorganize an entire conversation and it is making my head hurt. No copy and paste errors up to chapter 22. Other than that. Good day. I am happy. 

Friday November 20

Fixed the conversation. No copy and paste errors up till chapter 27. 

Saturday November 21

It was a relatively warm day outside so we took advantage of it and did a lot of outside chores today. Neighbors helped us fix the battery on one of our cars.  We don’t use both of them anymore.  I  was pretty happy all day. Kindal and I both chatted with our parents on the phone. The kids got a lot of outside time. ANNNND I FINISHED THE NOVEL! It’s done. Over. Finished. Complete. I’m actually kind of excited about it currently. Mulling over what writing projects to take on next week. I have a handful of things I could do. Maybe I’ll just let it be thanksgiving, though? I need to spend more time on the house, with the kids, and cooking food.

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