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Whitney Award Winners represented graphically

One of my biggest worries about the Whitney awards is that the same people are nominated and win over and over again. Despite efforts to recognize debut authors and adding categories to recognize more authors there does seem to be a diversity problem. I wanted to wrap my head around how bad this problem actually is in a statistical manner.

The most egregious offender is the Mystery/Suspense category where two writers hold 66% of the Mystery/Suspense awards. If you add Kilpack, three writers hold 83% of the Mystery Suspense awards. I assumed the problem would be with the Speculative Fiction arena but the committee has seemed to actively combat that problem by adding new subcategories to recognize more writers. Does something similar need to be done with the Mystery/Suspense category?

What are your reactions to the graphs? Is the status quo good or bad? How can we change it?

Top Whitney Award Winners

Top Speculative Fiction Winners

2 writers Brandon Sanderson and Dan Wells hold 43% of speculative fiction Whitney awards.

Top Historical Fiction Winners

Two writers hold H.B. Moore and Carla Kelly hold 42% of Historical Fiction Whitney Awards

Top Mystery/Suspense Winners

Two writers Stephanie Black and Traci Hunter Abramson hold 66.6% of Mystery/Suspense Whitney Awards.

Top Romance Winners

Two writers Julie Wright and Julianne Donaldson hold 33.4% of the Romance Whitney Awards.

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