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The Masked Baron by Anneka R. Walker

I really enjoyed this story a lot because it explored a lot of the tropes I love so much. One of my favorite niche genres is gaslit fantasy, which is just a lighter-hearted version of gothic romance and steampunk. I feel like it is really hard to find gaslit fantasy because most writers like to embrace the dark aspect of steampunk and gothic romance a tad too much for my taste. So I loved that The Masked Baron tiptoes along the edge of the darkness cliff but doesn’t fall over the edge. It’s got some tense scary moments but never becomes terrifying. Many readers are describing it as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which I think is fair because the book has that atmospheric fairy-tale feel. However, I’d describe it as more inspired by than a strict retelling of the Beauty and the Beast. It has a plot distinct from Beauty and the Beast and pulls the fantastic parts of the fairy-tale out and grounds them in the realistic world. Anyway, I found the blend of the genre elements extremely satisfying and just plain fun. It really is the greatest strength of the book in my opinion. Sometimes the main characters annoyed me a bit but I was always willing to keep reading to explore their world and experiences.

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