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Secrets Never Die by Laurie C. Lewis

Long-time author Laurie C. Lewis (Author of historical fiction series Freeman and Dreamers) has published her most recent novel SECRETS NEVER DIE this July with Covenant Communications. Departing from her more recent romance titles, SECRETS NEVER DIE’s main draw is the governmental conspiracy suspense plot. The reader instantly roots for the emotionally neglected and intelligent Tallie Brown as she sets off to solve the mysteries of her mother’s life in a small town in Virginia.  I had a more difficult time sympathizing with Jackson James at first. The circumstances surrounding the demise of his journalistic career didn’t make him a …

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Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett

Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett The first thing that drew me to this book was that it was set in the Byzantine Empire–a medieval people that considered themselves a continuation of the Roman Empire. Christianity not only was legal but the state religion. The book centers around the historical figure Anna Comnena, the designated heir to the imperial throne and one of few identified women from antiquity who wrote history.  The author successfully transported me to the time period and kept me there during the course of the novel. I really enjoyed the storyline and felt it had an …