Sunshine Doodle

So, I struggle with anxiety a lot. I’m a mom of a kid with Cystic Fibrosis. There’s a lot of meds to manage and keep track of and some days are harder than others. There are weeks I can carry out everything with ease and doing this CF thing doesn’t feel hard at all.

Then sometimes I read something or life just really grinds me down and I feel the weight of this illness. I realize that our entire life is structured around keeping my kid healthy. I realize how much of my time is spent trying to make his life last as long as it possibly can. Sometimes, it just hits me really hard how easy it is to lose someone.

Yesterday was a hard day and despite all my attempts to thwart my anxiety, it won. Today, however, is a new day and I decided to start it with a morning doodle. So that my thoughts would still and I would feel hope that today is going to be better.

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