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Secrets Never Die by Laurie C. Lewis

Long-time author Laurie C. Lewis (Author of historical fiction series Freeman and Dreamers) has published her most recent novel SECRETS NEVER DIE this July with Covenant Communications. Departing from her more recent romance titles, SECRETS NEVER DIE’s main draw is the governmental conspiracy suspense plot. The reader instantly roots for the emotionally neglected and intelligent Tallie Brown as she sets off to solve the mysteries of her mother’s life in a small town in Virginia. 

I had a more difficult time sympathizing with Jackson James at first. The circumstances surrounding the demise of his journalistic career didn’t make him a sympathetic character and I never was convinced his “patron” had a good reason to send him to Virginia to investigate. Still, his ambition and curious nature make him a natural investigator and his point of view chapters were never boring.  I ended up liking him and found his redemption arc compelling. 

The novel had more small-town intrigue than I expected going into the book, but I found the little day-to-day dramas and richly drawn minor characters such a refreshing contrast to the dark parts of the plot. I really enjoyed getting to know the entertaining residents of Cutler’s Ridge and discovering the secrets they had to hide. I felt like the author landed the ending of the book perfectly. I loved how she tied up all the plot threads and resolved all the mysteries and questions her character encountered on their journey. I’d love to see another book with Tallie and Jackson. Not because I was unsatisfied but because I felt like they had an incredibly exciting future ahead of them. 

Thanks to the folks at Covenant for giving me an opportunity to review this book.

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