Lavender Doodle

I had a good couple weeks on the anxiety front. The anxiety didn’t go away but I managed it tons better. The first thing I did was deal with everything that was stressing me out. So, I ended up switching our medications back to our old pharmacy. I ordered a new nebulizer machine since ours was only working half as well as it should. We got flu shots. We ordered a new thermometer for our betta fish since the old one didn’t automatically regulate the tank temperature. The new one does, so I don’t have to go in there and make sure he hasn’t frozen or cooked two or three times a day.

Then I tried to relax. I did breathing and stretching every morning and took twenty min naps when I felt overwhelmed or tired. I spent time with friends. Went on several walks. Cuddled with my kids and husband whenever I got the chance. I spent time gardening. I cut lavender sprigs and carried them around to smell. My daughter asked what I was doing and I told her Lavender smell is supposed to help you feel calm. She got behind that and asked me to cut her a sprig of it for when she got her flu shot. She really hates needles. She also brought a sleep mask that looks like a cat. So, she got all ready for the shot by pulling the cat sleep mask over her face so she couldn’t see the needle and then held the sprig of Lavender under her nose at the same time. I should have gotten a picture. It was hilarious and adorable.

So, I feel back to normal. It probably helps that the heat has officially passed. Heat triggers my anxiety really bad, but it is officially Fall and the temps are staying cooler around here finally.

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