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Kit and Elizabeth by Karen Tuft

Elizabeth has been groomed her entire life to marry the Duke of Ashford. When he dies she’s expected to marry his younger brother. When they mutually agree to refuse the betrothal Elizabeth’s family falls apart. Kit (Lord Cantwell) and Lady Walmsley come to Elizabeth’s rescue at exactly the right moment. With time and their companionship Elizabeth comes to know her worth and decides what she wants for her future. 

For the most part, this novel was a really sweet romance about Elizabeth discovering her personal worth. Lady Walmsley is an especially amusing and likable character. I really adored how the author wrote her. Kit, however, was occasionally too pushy for my tastes. He laughs at  Elizabeth when she gets angry at him and sometimes this came off as patronizing. The book has some scenes where the dialogue is irritatingly forced and contrived to state the theme of the book, which was not necessary because I theme flowed organically from the actions and situations the characters were in.  Overall, though, I really did enjoy where Elizabeth’s journey ends up. Not every relationship in the book is resolved perfectly giving the book a happy but realistic ending. An enjoyable read despite the things mentioned above that didn’t strike me quite right.

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