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How I am doing New Years Resolutions in 2021

So, in case you haven’t heard…2020 sucked. Everyone is a little worn out and tired. So, goals aren’t really popular right now. But I think keeping track of small controllable accomplishments helped my mental health in 2020. So, I’d like to continue that trend.

So this year I picked out several things I was interested in accomplishing and then put in the caveat that I checked in at the end of each month to see if the goal was still 1) doable and 2) still positive for my mental health.

First Goal: Read a poem everyday

In January I read 35 poems by Darlene Young. I am halfway through her Homespun and Angel Feathers collection from BBC press.

Second Goal: Post my Rogue of Taurus story up on a blog

In January I posted two chapters of Rogue of Taurus on the blog I created for it. I’m still experimenting with posting speed. Posting every day seems to wear me out and make me anxious. One a month is too slow. I tend to forget. Once a week is still too laborious. So, I’ve settled on two posts a month for now. We’ll see how it goes.

Third Goal: Read 10 middle grade novels, 10 regencies, 10 experiments.

I did a smaller reading goal this year. I am trying a new age group–middle grade. I really enjoy regencies but I don’t want them to be the only thing I ever read. So, I want to read 10 books that are experiments. I think four of them will end up being poetry as I plan to read one poem a day for the entire year. Indeed, that has been my most enjoyable goal. It takes like five minutes and gives me tremendous satisfaction at having accomplished a goal. I read a regency Novella Best-Laid Plans and Beginners’ Welcome by Cindy Baldwin in January. I also read Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes.

Fourth Goal: Write everyday for an hour

I am good at this M-F. I take the weekends off unless I want to write. If I don’t actually write then I’m thinking about writing. I’ve been creating a writing romance bullet journal and enjoying looking over tropes and putting them into lists that help me create stories faster. Also, I just love pens, and colors, and cutesy doodles and lettering, though, I am not trained or a pro at either skill.

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