My Writing

How did Nanowrimo go? Not well…

Man, guys I totally bombed Nanowrimo. At the first of the month, I had a strained muscle. When that started to resolve I went and got a hernia so I spent a lot of time just managing pain. Thank goodness for Ibuprofen or I’d be completely non-functional. Then after Thanksgiving, I got a cold. I do not recommend having a cold while you have a Hernia. Not fun at all. 

Things I accomplished writing-wise this month were writing 8k words on various projects. I only wrote 600 words on my actual nano project. Blah. 

The kids will both be fully vaccinated this month! I also will meet with a surgeon to see when I can get my Hernia fixed. I also finally got fitted for orthotic shoes because of my Hallux amputation (not a new injury. I’ve had no left big toe since I was three). So, I hope that prevents future muscle strains and resolves some of the other issues I’ve been having. I’m a mess, guys. I’ve resigned myself to a couple of months of Physical Therapy to help. Hopefully, by early 2022 I’ll be all healed up and back to my old self. 

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