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Writing Journal Oct 26-Oct 31

Monday October 26.  Woke up excited to write. Anxious because they are turning our water off from 9-3. We’ll see how much the little distractions that come along with that does for our progress today. We’re over 50,000 words into this edit. Now that we’re on the last third of the novel we’ve got serious revisions up for us. So we can land the ending. Starting with chapter 23. 23 you shall not defeat me.  Tuesday October 27 Got the first half of Chapter 23 revised yesterday.  Pleased with results. I’m having trouble writing the transition to the next scene. …

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A Proper Charade by Esther Hatch

Sometimes I feel like there are two types of Regencies. There are the historical Regencies that not only pay careful attention to the technicalities to British class rules but also historical attitudes and expectations. Then there are Regencies that are what high fantasy is to the medieval era. Basically, there is a castle and there is a king but everything else goes. Some Regencies have started to take on that sort of feel. Add a duke and a fancy English setting but everything else goes regardless of the social and historical realities of the time period.  There are major aspects …

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New Release: Alderik’s Quest

Iritana, daughter of Iktish, Lord of Death, is trapped in the underworld because of the decisions her father made long ago. As punishment, the Stars cursed her father’s realm so that everything is in chaos. When the conditions of the underworld begin to cause awful earthquakes in the world of the living, the hero Alderik sets out to discover their source. When Alderik, son of Lord Sun, appears in the underworld Iritana hopes he can help her. Iritana’s attempts to warn Alderik about the dangers of underworld fail when he decides to cross the bridge into death, so he can …