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Books I read with my kids last week

Press Start! Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy! by Thomas Flintham

My kids love video games and were immediately attracted to the graphics of this chapter book. I personally thought it strange to read a video game plot within a book plot. Still, the story is set up well and hooks you into a defeat-the-tyrant adventure plot with ease. In the process, there is a nice character building illustration of grit and pushing through failure. I’m super happy to see that this is a series (currently seven books long) and hope to check out other volumes over the summer to encourage more screen-free time.

Lego Ninjago: Stone Cold by Greg Farshtey and Laurie E. Smith

It is Ninjago and it is a graphic novel. My kids loved it. They begged me to read it twice. I also caught my eight-year-old reading it to her little brother.

Master Wu has to defeat all his old foes with witty and clever tricks while he tries to discover the identity of his antagonist who has released them to attack him again.

Beavers: The Superpower Field Guide by Rachel Poliquin

We had so much fun reading this! I had no idea that Beavers could be so interesting and I’ve been looking for a book like this for my eight-year-old. She loves non-fiction about animals but I wanted something that had more depth to it than those basic information chapter books. I’d love to find more books like this! It was written in a humorous, light-hearted and casual voice that made the information entertaining and a joy to read. We learned so many cool facts about beavers biologically, environmentally, and historically. I think this writer just went onto my insta-read list. There are forthcoming books on Moles and Ostriches this year.

Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

There are some books we read because we love our kids and our kids love Pokemon. We’ve read 8 pages of this 432-page monstrosity every night at bedtime for months. Last weekend we finally finished. Praise be! This, honestly, was mind-numbingly awful. However, my kids loved it and we had more than one night where we joked about which Pokemon we were most like. It was also fun to laugh at or make jokes about clever Pokemon names. I survived. I’m never reading it again and hope it disappears in the bottom of a drawer until tenth grade.

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