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Why we love underworld stories: Part one–Revealing Character

The vision of Drythemlm I think illustrates one of the key draws of Underworld literature in the classical or Christian tradition. These stories reveal the participant’s true character and often the character of the actors they see punished. In Alderik’s Quest I portray Iritana with the ability to intuitively see a person’s character. She uses this skill to direct the shades she meets to a better end in the story because justice has been supernaturally thwarted. The revealing of character in the underworld is a common trope. These visionary and underworld stories make us confront the true nature of humanity. …


Why we love underworld stories: An introduction

I love stories about the underworld. I was first introduced to underworld stories from the Classics. Both Virgil and Homer depicted descents into the underworld in their famous works the Aeneid and the Odyssey. Then there are the myths about Persephone and Orpheus. In college, I wrote a paper about Seneca’s satirical approach to underworld tropes when he dragged Emperor Claudius at the mercy of Hermes into the depths of the underworld. In college, I also was introduced to Dante’s Inferno and fell in love with it also. It became an interest of mine to research this theme and I …

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New Release: Alderik’s Quest

Iritana, daughter of Iktish, Lord of Death, is trapped in the underworld because of the decisions her father made long ago. As punishment, the Stars cursed her father’s realm so that everything is in chaos. When the conditions of the underworld begin to cause awful earthquakes in the world of the living, the hero Alderik sets out to discover their source. When Alderik, son of Lord Sun, appears in the underworld Iritana hopes he can help her. Iritana’s attempts to warn Alderik about the dangers of underworld fail when he decides to cross the bridge into death, so he can …