Another year older…

West Chester Public Library

Yesterday was my birthday and a large amount of it was centered around books! There is a library in our county that is housed in one of those huge, old victorian homes with stained glassed windows with a classic hardwood interior. The trip was totally worth it. The library was beautiful and the walls were full of all kinds of historical photographs and local artwork. I also left with a stack of books in my arms.

The Painted Plate

After we stashed our library haul in the car, we walked several blocks and visited a place called the Painted Plate. It was one of those ceramic shops where you can drop in and paint pottery pieces. I chose a lovely heart-shaped vase. We painted through lunch to finish and so walked to a pizzeria nearby and bought huge sandwiches. We debated going for gelato and ended up at the nearby music store instead. I bought myself a bunch of piano sheet music. It has been ages since I’ve had new piano music to play. By the time we walked back to the parked car, I was exhausted, but happy.

I came home and immediately opened my new sheet music and began to play. My husband came home early from work and made dinner for us, which was super nice. He usually only cooks on Sunday but he switched his day this week so I didn’t have to cook on my birthday. That evening, my daughter giggled her entire way through one of the books I brought home from the library, which was one of the happiest ways to end an already perfect day.

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  1. Maire Whipple says:

    Sounds like an amazing day !! Glad you got to do the things you love!!!
    Happy Birthday !!

  2. Kris Hamblin says:

    Glad you had such a fun day.
    Love you,

    1. gamilawalrus says:

      Thanks! Love you too!

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