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Adoring Abigail by Chalon Linton

One of the funnest parts of being a reviewer for Covenant Communications is trying out an author new to me. Adoring Abigail is the first chance I’ve had to read anything by Author Chalon Linton, who debuted into the market with An Inconvenient Romance in 2017. She has three other historical romance novels and two Christmas novellas published with Covenant. You should see Adoring Abigail in stores this week! 

Captain Robert Wilkins has never aspired to grandeur. So when the returned war hero unexpectedly inherits the vast estate of Cattersley from his great-aunt, he feels woefully inadequate in his new role. Out of place in his lavish surroundings, his first glimmer of hope comes when he happens upon a lovely trespasser in his gardens.

Words have never come easily for Abigail Rutherford, and she prefers the solitude of exploring the gardens at the neighboring country estate to engaging in uncomfortable conversation. But when she unexpectedly encounters Captain Robert Wilkins in her place of solace, she is surprised at the immediate ease she feels in his presence. Soon her brightest moments are those spent with the captain. But even as their friendship grows into something more, outside forces have other plans for the two. Mr. Mead, the handsome vicar, has also taken a liking to the quiet and timid Abigail and he will stop at nothing to ensure she becomes his wife.

I greatly admired Chalon’s skilled prose, which was both lyrical and elegant without drawing attention to itself. The story was told in alternating chapters in the first-person point of view, which is a unique format for this genre of book. I never found myself confused with which character I was reading about, as even in the first point of view, Chalon is an expert in making both characters sound distinct. Both Abigail and Robert were sympathetic characters that I wanted to know more about. I found the plot, however, to be rather slow, and the setting feels like every other bland regency setting out there. Abigail is a likable character but she is also extremely passive and waits around for the other characters to do things for much of the novel. It should also be known to the reader that she’s the victim of sexual harassment from a vicar during the course of the plot and honestly, it’s not pleasant to read about. This is my personal preferences coming across here but I’ve read and heard enough sexual assault and harassment stories to last me a lifetime and was annoyed to be reading yet another one. I’d like to put out into the universe that I’m very much interested in seeing authors mine new conflicts for story tension and character development. The sexual harassment plotline is way overdone. 

Despite the negative parts of this review, I know many regency fans will love this book. It delivers everything expected of the romance genre and with a great deal of writing skill in regard to prose and character viewpoint.  

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