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A Lady’s Maid by Jen Geigle Johnson

Jen Geigle Johnson is a relatively new writer in the market having published her first novel The Nobleman’s Daughter (currently on sale for $ 1.99) with Covenant in 2017. I haven’t read anything of hers until I was given this opportunity to review A Lady’s Maid.  

A Lady’s Maid has a lot of strengths in that it brings to life a compelling historical time period, has a themes everyone can root for (women’s rights), and has an interesting cast of characters. I  sometimes found the writing quality uneven because of minor craftmanship things. When the story lacks tension because the pacing is off, the author overcompensates by overwriting to make up for it during some sequences. However, only the most critical readers would be bothered by this. I have a tendency to analyze what I read too deeply. The characters are interesting to follow through a plot designed to highlight the abuses of child labor and the state of woman’s sufferage during the late regency period.  Johnson writes an emotionally moving novel that informs readers about some of the heavier social issues that plagued England at this time.

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