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My review of my 2021 reading and writing Goals

Goal: A poem a day

I did really good on this goal for a long time. I read a poem a day (even if some weeks I had to play catch up) until July. I think once the kids got out of school for the summer my habit schedule crumbled and I never picked up back up in the same way as I did in the first half of the year. I read 2 poetry collections and the poems of Catullus, Sulpicia, and Propertius in English Translation.  

Goal: I made a goal to try a new age category this year. I accomplished this goal and I read over 10 Middle Grade Novels. The ones listed below are my favorites but I read several more not on this list. Nearly all the authors on this list were new to me, except Jeff Savage and Beverly Clearly. 

10 Middle-Grade Books

1. Beginner’s Welcome by Cindy Baldwin

2. The Wish and the Peacock by Wendy Swore

3. The Explorer’s Code Allison Hymas

4. Willa and The Whale by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown

5. On these Magic Shores by Yamile Mendez

6. Lost Wonderland Diaries by Scott Savage

7. The Elephant Girl by Celesta Rimington 

8. What Stars are Made of by Sarah Allen

9. Runaway Ralph by Beverly Clearly 

10. Warriors by Erin Hunter

Goal: I made the goal to read 10 regency/historical romances. This was a safe goal because I just assumed that enough of my favorite authors would have another regency/historical come out that I’d read ten. Instead, I only read seven, unless you count the fact that I read Charming Artemis 3 times. Then, I read ten. I read more contemporary romance this year. Tried Arlem Hawks and Becky Monson for the first time.  

10 Regencies

1. Georgiana’s Secret by Arlem Hawks 

2. Best Laid Plans by Sarah M Eden

3. Charming Artemis by Sarah M Eden 

4. The Sweet Rowan by Kiera Domingez

5. Rakes and Roses by Josi S Kilpack

6. A Fine Gentleman by Sarah M Eden 

7. Heart in the Highlands by Heidi Kimball

Contemporary Romance

1. Promise to Stay by Lindzee Armstrong

2. The Seat FIller by Sariah S Wilson 

3. The Dating Game by Jenny Proctor

4. The Cowboy and the Girl Next Door by Jannette Rallison 

5. Love Unexpected by Jenny Proctor 

6. So Not My Thing by Melanie Jacobson 

7. Just a Name by Becky Monson 

8. New in Lakewood Med by TJ Amberson

9. An Unexpected Boyfriend for Christmas by Jannette Rallison

Goal: I made a goal to intentionally try some eclectic stuff this year. I read two poetry volumes, which isn’t something I usually do. I read 4 non-fiction books. I read a Memior. A Mormon YA novel. And a Women’s Fiction Novel.  

10 Something new 

1. Beyond the Mapped Stars by Rosalyn Eves 

2. The Magic of Found Objects by Maddie Dawson 

3. Homespun and Angel Feathers by Darlene Young

4. Dovesong: Heavenly Mother in Mormon Poetry

5. Mountain Rescue Doctor: Wilderness Medicine in the Extremes of Nature by Christopher Van Tilburg

6. Ad Infinitum: A biography of Latin and the World it Created by Nicolas Ostler  

7. First: The Life and Faith of Emma Smith by Jennifer Reeder

8. Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes

9. Breaking Through Chronic Pelvic Pain by Jerome M Weiss

Total: 35 Books this year!

Goal: Write M-F for an hour per day.

Ha! I did not keep this goal all year. Even though I spent a lot of time writing this year, a lot of it I didn’t end up keeping. I feel like I persisted and didn’t get anywhere. I did spend a lot more effort studying craft and feel like I made progress developing my writing skills, but I don’t feel like I did really great writing. A lot of my creative energy was spent on restoring my mental health that hit rock bottom in February. Then resolving the physical health challenges in the fall. So, I’m a little mad about the writing progress but I’m really proud of the fact that I clawed myself out of a mental health blackhole and improved in a lot of distinctly measurable ways.

Goal: Post Rogue of Taurus to a blog

I am so excited to tell you about this one! So, I knew I wanted to find a home for my Rogue of Taurus story somewhere on the internet. I researched a bunch of free fiction hosting sites and started posting chapters to see what would happen. I have found that Royal Road is an extremely friendly and fun place to serialize your fiction. By the first week of February, I’ll have posted all 28 chapters of Rogue of Taurus on Royal Road. 

As a result, I am going to try to put up Rogue of Taurus for purchase on Amazon as an ebook by then because I figure if my story is up online for free,  it is probably only a matter of time before someone pirates it to put it up for sale anyway. So, I’m going to try and get it all formatted on Reedsy the first week my kids go back to school. Then we will go from there. I have Hernia surgery on the 26th of January. So, my plots might get derailed in a variety of ways that have to do with prepping for Surgery. So, we’ll see how far I get along in the process before then.

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