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Writing Journal November 9-14

Monday November 9

Not much progress this morning. Still on fleshing out and clarifying description duty as I work through the chapter. I did get some important errands accomplished today. Both kids have much needed new shoes that actually fit. I ordered a gobbler sandwich online, picked it up and then drove to a nearby park to eat lunch with a friend. I shall consider it my finishing my book celebration. 

Tuesday November 10

Between an editing session last night after the kids went to bed  and another session this morning when they were on zoom I finished line edits of chapter 23. Whoo! On to Chapter 24–

Did line edits for chapter 24! 

Set up to start on Chapter 25 first thing tomorrow. I’m calling that a day. 

Wednesday November 11

Goal: Line Edit 25-26. (6,500 words)

25: done

26: done

Thursday November 12

Goal: LIne Edit 26-28

Scene rewrite: Delores the flores remains in cuts purgatory. It was better to substitute Clara instead.

26: Done

27: Moving to friday

Friday November 13

Edit Chapter 27: Done

Goal: Line Edit 29 (moving to Saturday)

Today was a lame day. I always go crazy this time of the month. But between uber stress of the election last week. The pet mouse getting some kind of eye infection. The exhaustion of maintaining the cyber school schedule. Plus we have a hole in our kitchen ceiling because of an old leak. We fixed the leak a while ago. But the drywall needed repairing and Kindal finally decided to get around to it today. Then the cheese drawer in the fridge broke. I had a mini sob fest. Too many things. Maybe I pushed myself too hard to get edits done? I don’t know. 

I don’t know if people will actually understand this but finishing books actually makes me really depressed. I hate it. It sends me into a funk every time. The least fun part of this whole writing process is trying to figure out what to do with a project once you finish it. The first day after you finish a book is so hard. It’s like withdrawal. What? I can’t hang out with my characters today? Noooo! It’s like your kids growing up. You don’t need me anymore? What am I going to do with myself?

Saturday November 14

Goal: Edit Chapter 29 

Decided to wait to edit on Monday. I took the day off of writing to do chores around the house, spend time with the kids, call family, and relax. I spent extra time taking care of myself, ate healthy food, and read a fun book.  Everyone is all about productivity, productivity, productivity when it comes to creative work. But no one really talks about identifying the signs that you need to rest. So, I took the time to take care of myself this weekend and hopefully I’ll be ready to get back to work on Monday.  

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