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Writing Journal Nov 2-Nov 7

Monday, November 2

I don’t write on Sundays but we voted yesterday! I am so glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore. What a relief! Now we just have to sit back and see what happens this week. I am super excited to write today. I went to bed early last night so the morning would come earlier so I could write. 

Today I need to rewrite chapter 27. The whole thing needs to be trashed so we are starting from scratch. In my head, I’m shooting for min 2500 words. Maximum  4000. 3 scenes. I can write that much in one day but only if it is an extremely good day. It’s more likely that it will take me two days to write it. Another thing I thought about was that I had too many males in the last scene. I’m thinking about changing Orpheus’ gender. I want to write that dialogue with a female character and see if it turns out and then decide which one to put in. Maybe if some lines only work coming from a male character we can give them to Justin. What if I resurrect Delores the florist from the cuts folder? 

Tuesday, November 3

Who can write? There’s an election. I can’t focus on anything for more than 15 minutes. The entire thing is CRAZY! 

I’ve got 3,600 words so….I’m probably going into 5,000 word territory. Got two scenes left. If I could just figure out an awesome way to end my current character conversation. Sigh. Brain power is all syphoned away by Election 2020 drama!

Wednesday, November 4

Writing blah–I have four scenes now. Maybe only 800 words left. Again, the election made it really hard to focus on anything. But I think the book will be done tomorrow anyway. I think I’m going to turn off the computer and write by hand. Too much screen time today. 

Thursday, November 5

I tried to write by hand yesterday but the brain refused to work. Too much stress. So I slept instead. So, I got nada. This morning is going way better. Finished 3rd out of the 4 scenes. Only about 500 more words. I can do this! 

Update: wrote by hand. If I get on computer all I do is read election news. Got about 500 words. 

Friday, November 6

It is finished. 83, 668 final word count! 

Still need to edit chapter 25-29 and do a one or two scene revisions but this daft is done! 

Saturday November 7

Man, what a day, right? They called the election. I hope we can all move forward this month determined to love each other more and put our contentions aside. I did chores in the morning went on a beautiful walk with my family and spent the afternoon with friends. Didn’t get to writing until after the family watched Biden’s speech together and then sent kiddos to bed. 

The initial edit of chapter 23 reveals it is 8,000 words long. That’s too long. So, I cut it in half. I worked on some world building descriptions on the first page and then called it a night. It’ll be ready for me to jump into on Monday. Hopefully, next week is way more productive.

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