Mormon Lit Blitz Finalists

Catherine, a tall, shoe-obsessed, programmer is looking for a six foot tall male to date but runs into Mormon missionaries instead. Semi-Finalist in Mormon Lit Blitz 2012.


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Ruby can play any song she hears on the piano without any practice, but she is terrified to play in front of a crowd. When she is forced to play in a crowded church meeting she learns a lesson that will sustain her family when her father leaves to serve a mission. Mormon Lit Blitz Finalist 2012.


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Rachel discovers that Hunter is struggling with his diabetes. She devises a plan to bake him some sugar-free treats but his reaction is unexpected. Finalist in 2014 Mormon Lit Blitz.


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Other Shorts

Emma mourns the death of her husband during the Christmas season, but finds hope in the story of Anna the prophetess. 2000 word short story.

Tom Stewart enters the Christmas car decorating contest that his small town holds every year. He wants to buy his family some sweet Christmas gifts with the $500 dollar prize, but as he designs his car he discovers that even if his Christmas season isn't perfect he still has a lot of blessings.