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Nanowrimo Day 1

So, I am trying to write maybe three novelettes roughly 17 thousand words each for nanowrimo this year. I’m thinking I’ll actually only get two done. I am going to write sweet contemporary western romances in a world that I created several years ago. I really did intend to write more novelettes but my life kept my plate too full and I couldn’t follow through on my plans. 

So, I am not starting from scratch per se but I’m not pulling back out my olds stories. I’m starting fresh. October literally left me no time to plan anything! So, this is how I’m pulling it together today. 

First names are being determined by a random number generator with the social security database list. Last names were stolen from a google map of streets in my state.

Heroine’s occupation is being taken from this US today list of occupations. I decided not to random number generate this and instead picked on I felt like I could reasonably write about. My kids have done speech therapy so I figured I could write about that well enough. Also, I feel like kid characters add nice, rich, human subplots.

Plot: Wilderness Medicine Survival Situation/Romance 

Decided that Firefighter would be most ideal fit for the male lead considering the plot situation. I don’t have the solid plot situation down. I actually did do some wilderness medicine research in October so I have vague ideas. I will probably start making lists tomorrow to narrow down. 

However, today all I need to do is write scene one and introduce setting, characters, and plot in 1000-1200 words.  I’ll try 500 words now (2:00 pm) and 500 words at 9:00 pm when kids are asleep.

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